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The boy amongst the stars

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

The boy who was counting the stars grew up into a traveler. He saw the world evolving and embraced the unknown in every new step. The sky his never ended map, the air his fuel.

The small village and the nearby city he once housed his dreams were long gone, lost in the ocean of urban development.

The world was changing throughout his life and these changes met no borders. Neither did his dreams, his fears.

How many nights did the man; who was still a boy spend in confusion and distress? For years he was fighting for education, for survival only to learn that this was not enough.

The day has finally arrived when the boy met his closest friends. He laid down among the stars and embraced their light.

" I never counted you all but I was always counting on you". The stars laughed and their laughter was heard on earth by another child looking to find its place on earth.

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