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We The Women - Veronica Bassani

Meet Veronica

Veronica Bassani is 28 years old and at the age of 15, she started working in the field of theater and culture. Over the years she realized that this was what she was passionate about and at the age of 18 she kicked off Fatti d’arte along with three more girls. Veronica graduated from the University of Bologna dedicating her thesis to the theater in the therapeutic field, and then she specialized in theater for children both as an actress and as a dramaturg. Upon the completion of her master's degree in Rome dedicated to theater and poetry, she completed a second master's in cultural design and urban regeneration.

After her studies, Veronica started working not only on theater and shows but also on female empowerment projects. In March 2020 she inaugurated the first exhibition of a festival series project, which this year reached its fourth edition.

The interview

Have you drawn professional inspiration from other women? Tell us about someone who has inspired you.

I must say that the figure that inspired me most was my mother, an incredible woman to me. Strong and tenacious she changed a safe job when she was pregnant with me to feel affirmed on a personal level, and graduated while my brother and I were in elementary school. my mother strongly supports my projects even when I do not believe enough. With regards to figures outside of my family, certainly of great inspiration, I found Alessandra Cortesi director and actress from Bologna who, with her ideas, managed to create incredible projects related to the world of theater therapy. But going even further back in time, I believe that two other women who inspired me are Sofia Abbati dear friend who moved to Rome to be an actress and who with sweetness and strength pursues her vocation; and Sara Bertazzini dear friend from kindergarten who after high school moved to different cities and studied and worked tirelessly to reach her dream job.

What is one thing you know now about women and social entrepreneurship you wish you had known earlier in your career?

I wish someone would tell me it is much harder than you think it is. When you start something new, everything seems beautiful; everyone speaks about female entrepreneurship, but no one tells you how lonely you will be and how much society forces you to make compromises. Even if we are in 2022, the hormonal connection between entrepreneurship and family is still a tough challenge to win. The balance between work and career and personal life has not yet been achieved yet.

What is the story behind Fatti d'Arte?

Fatti d’arte was born because in a small provincial city like Faenza there were no youth cultural associations dedicated to theater and contemporary art and the proposals that were there were all out of town or out of budget for young people. So we decided to create our reality exactly as we dreamed of it.

What are your tips for growing an NGO? Is there any common point between art and sustainability?

I believe that the key to growing an NGO is to have a clear vision, often ask yourself where you are going and why you want to reach there. Choose valid and trustworthy people with whom you can work together as a team. Do not dwell on situations but listen to society and the needs of our times.

Art and sustainability have a strong bond when it comes to Fatti d'arte. For instance, have always created sets using waste and recycled materials, as well as second-hand clothes for creating the stage costumes. In recent years, feeling the topic of sustainability to be more urging, I have created many projects related to it. Specifically, in the context of the project Museopen, we regenerated a natural science museum with concrete actions on the botanical park and structures as well as cultural events related to the theme of sustainability. Creative Green Minds was our first Erasmus + project linked to the theme of sustainability through creativity.

What leadership traits and characteristics or strengths and weaknesses do you feel are required or hinder you in your pursuit of excellence in your field of expertise?

Being strong is an asset when it comes to creating a network, but sometimes the network has to be managed and coordinated and it is not always so simple. The time available is always short and sometimes some extra is needed. The desire to do big projects but without the certainty of having the necessary budget is a big challenge for sure.

What would you tell young women who are just starting their own initiative?

I would say don't give up. Sometimes it seems difficult and insurmountable but it isn't, it's just about finding the correct key tosuccess and understanding whom you need around you to achieve success.

A few words about the project

We The Women is a key project under the umbrella program Women4Climate powered by IRIS Sustainable Development. Specifically, We The Women is an interview series project, holding inspiring discussions with climate actional leaders and pioneers in the social and green entrepreneurship field. Women with different backgrounds, experiences, and achievements, share their insights, know-how, opinions, and advice with the public, inspiring more people -especially young entrepreneurs and women- toward a more sustainable future.

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