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Sustainability transition must become easier for organizations and companies to achieve. Measuring the ESG metrics by using the appropriate digital tools is the only way to do it efficiently and properly. There are many tools that could be used for this purpose, some of them better than others, but it is crucial for organizations to train their employees to do it in the right way. The choice of the ESG metrics, the required data entry and the evaluation of the final results should be carefully made. The abundance of available solutions can confuse the professionals who want to draw and deliver a proper sustainability plan for their organization.


ESG Diagnostic aims to help organizations and companies to establish sustainability by using digital tools. All three participating organizations focus on the sustainability transition and the promotion of United Nationals SDG goals using scientific parameters to improve the ESG performance of organisations. The mission and goals of each participating organization is absolutely relevant to the proposed project;


All three organisation, IRIS, OMNIA and Dataphoria work towards sustainability, environmental and social responsibility . The program will contribute to the participating organizations’ development and will establish a holistic approach that will be implemented to other organizations, beginning from the training of the professionals and leading to the use of the appropriate digital tools for their sustainability transition. The partners' experience to develop sustainable solutions and strategies through a range of services including consulting, R&D and cross-sector collaborations will be enhanced by developing and adopting this tool in their portfolio.

Stockholm Sweden Panorama

Kick-off Meeting

The kick-off meeting of the project took place in Stockholm, Sweden, along with our partners:




Experts workshop in ESG

The experts workshop in ESG took place in Nicosia, Cyprus with the participation of three experts per partner organization. As a result of the meeting was the Focus Group Report - Including Best Practices Portfolio.


Transnational Meeting For Professionals

The Transnational Meeting for Professionals took place in Athens, Greece with the participation of three experts per partner with representatives from Greece, Sweden and Cyprus, as well as experts on ESG from Bayern and Earthmark.

Find the material of the presentations here


Info Day

The info Day was completed on the 29/03/2024 with the participation of 70+ people. Partner organizations presented the results and activities of the project and shared the resources where they can be found.

Focus Group Report

E-guide Book

Informational Day

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