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KEY ACTION 3: Support policy development and cooperation

Key Action 3 provides support to policy cooperation at European Union level, thereby contributing to the development of new policies, which can trigger modernisation and reforms, at European Union, and systems' level, in the fields of education, training youth and sport.


Youths from 6 different countries had the opportunity to explore how diversity, inclusion, and solidarity are promoted via formal education.

A field investigation, including 50 questionnaires to education receivers and interviews with education providers, were conducted by the participants for boosting the validity, reliability, and credibility of the final conclusions.

Three Youth Labs were also organized for the training of six participants and two group leaders. Upon the competition of the training, the participants attended a transnational meeting in Athens, Greece, and presented the results of the field investigation dedicated to the Swedish Educational System.

The results were used in creating a booklet presented to local and European stakeholders.

You can find the results of the Swedish Delegation here: 

SOLIDinEDU 4.jpeg
SOLIDinEDU 3.jpeg
SOLIDinEDU 1.jpeg
SOLIDinEDU 2.jpeg
SOLIDinEDU 8.jpeg
SOLIDinEDU 6.jpeg
SOLIDinEDU 5.jpeg

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